Privacy policy

TLDR: We do not share your information with anyone.

All files are available only via the link you can share with others. You can delete the link at any time. All uploaded files are kept for 30 days for anonymous users, and until you delete for the other users.

We don't access, use or share you link or files unless you explicitly ask us to help you and allow access the link.

We reserve the right to delete files or comments which are harmful or inappropriate and does not comply with our Terms of service

Data is hosted in EU and no cookie banner are required (yay!) because we use only use cookies which is necessary for functioning of this app!

As per GDPR we are data controllers. Following data processors (third party services) are used to run this service:

  • AWS for upload & storage (no PII shared) - GDPR compliant
  • Supabase for authentication, creating files, adding comments and reactions (only PII necessary for authentication is shared) - GDPR compliant
  • PostHog EU for aggregate analytics for your files (no PII shared) - GDPR compliant
  • Plausible for anonymous usage analytics for marketing purposes (no PII shared) - GDPR compliant
  • Vercel for hosting the app - GDPR compliant
  • Pusher for realtime update on comments and reactions - GDPR compliant

PII - personally identifiable information, such as email, first and last name, etc.

If you have questions about privacy policy or GDPR and as regulatory measure, write us at and we will help you!